Both Católica and Colo Colo could miss out on playoffs

Católica needs to come out ahead in their clash with Universidad de Concepción, while Colo Colo's future also depends heavily upon the outcomes of upcoming matches.

11 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:54 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The recently held 16th match of the Apertura Tournament has left some teams disappointed while others fix their eyes on the final for the championship.

The team most hurt has been the Universidad Católica, who, after fighting for a spot in the South American Cup, may not even make it to the playoffs.

Universidad Católica is now positioned in fifth place with 24 points – just one point above the last team to qualify to the next round, Municipal Iquique.

The problem is that Universidad Católica will be playing its last away match against one of the teams that just may break into the top eight: Universidad de Concepción.

The Universidad de Concepción is not the only team that could leave the UC behind however, since O'Higgins (22 points) and Huachipato (22 points) could also cause problems.

Colo Colo is also trying to catch up to the UC with their points. Colo Colo needed a select series of outcomes this past weekend to keep their dream alive and no score except a flat-out victory would have been enough.

Triumphs by Iquique, O'Higgins, Everton and Universidad de Concepción were a rough blow for hopes of the Colo Colo players.

Possibilities now are few, as Colo Colo is betting on hopes that none of the aforementioned teams wins their matches. Furthermore, Colo Colo will have to defeat Everton on Wednesday and then triumph over Palestino this weekend.

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