Bachelet to meet with Obama on June 23rd of this year

The President made the announcement while celebrating the appointment of Chilean national Arturo Valenzuela as the United States head of diplomacy for Latin America.

13 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:26 | Karina Morales, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Chilean President Michelle Bachelet is scheduled to hold a long-awaited meeting with her United States counterpart, Barack Obama, on June 23rd of this year.

The President herself made the news public while announcing the appointment of Chilean national Arturo Valenzuela as the new head of U.S. diplomacy for Latin America.

"I think that it he is an excellent choice that is right in line with the President Barack Obama's plan to continue developing positive and constructive relations with Latin America and, of course, Chile", stated Bachelet.

Neverthless, Bachelet also indicated that she does not believe Valenzuela's appointment to be a gesture towards Chile on the part of the United States, but rather a signal to the whole of Latin America.

After stating that the Chilean government is "very happy" about the designation, President Bachelet stressed the celebrated career of the University of Georgetown professor and his knowledge of the region.

"He is very qualified, very competent, and very knowledgeable about politics and Latin America, so I imagine that he will have a clear role to play in President Barack Obama's plans", she stated.

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