Five new cases of human influenza identified in Chile

Colegio San Pedro Nolasco and Bertait College cancelled the classes.

19 de Mayo de 2009 | 15:11 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Just as experts had predicted yesterday, the AH1N1 virus has begun to progressively spread through Chile. In addition to the five cases reported yesterday, there are five other people infected as of today.

The first of the cases corresponds to a teenager named Francisco Fantini, who attends school at the Bertait College in Lo Barnechea. The boy's brother is also infected, but sources say that he attends a different school, San Pedro Nolasco.

Colegio San Pedro Nolasco has confirmed on its website that classes are cancelled.

Furthermore, reports indicated that a teacher at Colegio San Nicolás de Myra, which registered two cases of the virus yesterday, may also be infected.

Meanwhile, the Military Hospital has reported three cases in one family: a 45 year-old woman and her two sons (ages 11 and 8), who attend Colegio San Nicolás de Myra.

The patients are listed in good general condition and are receiving treatment in a quarantined are of the medical center.

Administration at Bertait College has called asked parents and guardians to pick up anti-viral medication for their children at 4:00 PM.

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