Peruvian Chancellor: "The litigation process will only involve Peru and Chile, not Ecuador"

José Antonio García Belaúnde expressed doubt that Ecuador will be able to testify in favor of Chile at The Hague.

20 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:49 | El Mercurio Online

LIMA.- Quito has come out strongly in support of Chile's cause in the midst of the international lawsuit in which Peru has laid claim to maritime territory. This news was met with a firm refutation from Lima, where Minister of Foreign Affairs José Antonio García Belaúnde reiterated that the lawsuit filed by Peru at The Hague does not involve Ecuador.

"The litigation process at The Hague is only between Peru and Chile, and does not involve Ecuador or any other country", affirmed the official in response to comments made by his Ecuadorian counterpart, Fander Falconí. Falconí had stated that the 1954 and 1952 agreements are "boundary treaties" not "fishing agreements" and that his country was willing to testify in favor of Chile.

In declarations made to Agencia Andina, García Belaúnde claimed that the statements made by his Ecuadorian counterpart "are nothing new", since on other occasions officials from this country have expressed the same stance.

In the same strain, the Peruvian official doubted that Ecuador would indeed be allowed to testify at the request of the judges or of Chile, since for that to occur a litigation process would have to also be in process with one of those countries.

Finally, the Minister remarked that Peru's lawsuit at The Hague remains solid and the judicial proceedings will continue as planned.

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