Police arrest five individuals who burglarized a gym in Vitacura

The individuals were caught on film by a security camera at the establishment.

27 de Mayo de 2009 | 15:08 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Police arrested five thieves this morning after they stole several sporting goods items from the first floor of the "Energy Fitness Club" gymnasium, located in the Municipality of Vitacura.

The incident took place just after midnight, when five individuals arrived at the aforementioned fitness center in two stolen vehicles –a Subaru Impreza and a Subaru Legacy- and used blunt objects to destroy one of the establishment's front window panes.

The individuals then, in less than 5 minutes, stole sweatpants, jackets and athletic sweatshirts from the business. Nevertheless, the thieves were seen by employees at a gas station located in front of the gym, who called the police.

When police arrived on the scene, they began to pursue the suspects. The chase ended at the 15th kilometer of Ruta 5 Norte, where some of the suspects were arrested while the rest of the group was finally detained in the northern sector of the capital city.

According to employees at the gym, the thieves –who possessed prior police records- were captured on film by a security camera at the location. The film images will be handed over to law enforcement for analysis.

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