Court confirms arraignment of ex-conscript in Víctor Jara case

The court has also decided to keep José Paredes Márquez, charged with being the main perpetrator of the singer-songwriter's murder, in custody.

29 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:39 | Ximena Pérez G., El Mercurio

SANTIAGO.- The Ninth Court of Appeals of Santiago decided to confirm the prosecution dictated by Minister Juan Eduardo Fuentes against former member of the armed forces José Paredes Márquez accusing him of perpetrating the murder of singer-songwriter Víctor Jara.

The decision was reached after the court heard the arguments of prosecuting attorney Nelson Caucoto and the representative for the Human Rights program of the Ministry of Interior Relations, Karina Fernández. Attorney María José Dávila, who was to defend Paredes, was not present at the hearing.

In a unanimous decision, ministers Emilio Elgueta, Mario Carroza and incorporated attorney Jorge Lagos also ruled to keep Paredes Márquez, who is currently being held at the CAS high-security prison facility, in custody.

On Tuesday of last week, Minister Fuentes filed charges against the former conscript after he admitted his direct participation in the murder of Víctor Jara on September 15th of 1973.

While exiting the courtroom, Paredes stated that he had also given the judge the names of the officials that served as his superiors at the time.

Afterwards, the minister called for "numerous proceedings" and ruled that the investigation be kept secret.

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