FIFA poll nominates Marcelo Bielsa for "World's Best Coach"

The coach of the Chilean National Soccer Team appears on a list with eight other names, including fellow trainers Alex Ferguson and Fabio Capello.

01 de Febrero de 2008 | 13:32 | AP / El Mercurio Online

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ZURICH.- According to a yearly poll organized by the International Federation of Football (FIFA), Argentinean national Marcelo Bielsa (coach of Chile's National Soccer Team) has been named as one of the candidates to compete for the title of "World's Best Coach".

FIFA, the most important soccer organization in the world, identifies Bielsa as "a coach belonging to a group of former players who continue their soccer legacy from the strategy board.  He's currently working to take Chile to the next World Cup".

The final decision will be made on FIFA's official website. Bielsa will be competing against 7 other names: Dunga (coach for Brazilian national team), Fabio Capello (England), José Mourinho (without a team), Frank Rikjaard (Barcelona), Alex Ferguson (Manchester United), Rafaek Benitez (Liverpool) and Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan).

The election not only asks voters to select their favorite, but to also invites them to post comments in an online forum about the achievements and charisma that define each of the coaches.

Bielsa returned to Chile today after the completion of a short tour with the Chilean National Team in Asia, where the group tied in a friendly match with Japan (0-0) and defeated South Korea (1-0).

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