Two French sailors rescued in Cape Horn

Jean Vincent Riou and Jean Le Cam were safely delivered to Puerto Williams.

08 de Enero de 2009 | 14:28 | AFP / El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.– The Navy rescued two French sailors from Cape Horn today, Jean Vincent Riou and Jean Le Cam. Their vessel was still adrift two days after sending out a signal for help from Le Cam's yacht. Both of them were participants in a race to sail around the world alone.

Both sailors were rescued by the "Alacalufe" Navy patrol and arrived in the city of Puerto Williams at 6:45 AM today. Navy Captain Arnaldo Peralta reported that both men were in good health conditions.

"They were rescued and they are both in good health", indicated Peralta.

The general service boat set sail yesterday after receiving an emergency alert which indicated that the French yacht "PRB" had a broken mast and sail and that the motor had ceased to function, leaving the vessel completely adrift.

On Tuesday, Riou had come to the rescue of his countryman and rival, Jean Le Cam, who had capsized just hours before.

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