Uruguay may maintain formation for clash with Chile

The only change that Óscar Tabárez may make is to place four players in the back to stop the Chilean team's three attackers.

31 de Marzo de 2009 | 13:12 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Rumors had been circulating that Uruguay may make lineup changes for their confrontation with Chile tomorrow at the National Stadium.

Amidst the buzz in Montevideo it was even mentioned that Sebastián Abréu could be included in the offense in hopes of taking advantage of his "header" shot abilities. All of this, however, could just be talk, since it is possible that the team could maintain the same formation put into play during its 2-0 defeat over Paraguay at their last match.

The formation includes Sebastián Viera, Maximiliano Pereira, Diego Lugano, Diego Godín y Martín Cáceres; Diego Pérez, Sebastián Eguren, Álvaro "Palito" Pereira and "Cebolla" Cristián Rodríguez, as well as the same two offense players: Luis Suárez and Diego Forlán.

The only change might be in the defense, where Coach Óscar Tabárez may opt to use four men. According to the Uruguayan press, "it is likely that he was speaking about this with team captain Diego Lugano, with whom the coach had a short conversation following the team’s brief training session yesterday morning".

The most positive news for the Uruguayan clad has been that Diego Godín, who had to abandon the field during the team's match against Paraguay due to physical pain, was training right along with his teammates.

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