Chilean company launches sale to reduce iPhone stock

Claro is following the lead of Apple, who, on their US website, has begun to sell the popular 3G model of the cell phone at a discount and with no shipping charges.

20 de Mayo de 2009 | 15:02 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.– After Apple began selling the iPhone online at a discount in the United States, a national company has decided to follow the trend. This discount offer is a clear sign to the industry that Apple is probably getting rid of its stock before introducing the newest model.

The local company is Claro, and they are inviting all owners of the iPhone 2G (which was never officially sold in Chile) to exchange it for a 3G for the price of $29,000 pesos for the 8GB model and $32,990 pesos for the 16GB model. The old cell phones are maintained with the prepaid system.

According to the company, this initiative looks to expand the iPhone 3G platform even more.

The arrival of a new model seems to be imminent. In fact, company executives have not even attempted to deny the idea that Apple renews the iPhone family every year, specifically in June, when Apple developers get together for their international meeting.

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