Eduardo Frei rebuts campaign criticism

"Campaigns are won on the ground, not with media commentary” affirmed the presidential candidate for the Concertación.

20 de Mayo de 2009 | 15:08 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.– Following the criticism expressed by some sectors with regards to the pace of his presidential campaign, the Concertación candidate defended the work he has done and stated that in order to verify that his run for La Moneda has already launched, one has to be on the street, not speaking with the press.

In an interview with Radio Futuro, the former President rebutted declarations made by Senator Carlos Ominami of the Socialist Party, indicating that "from the point of view of our campaign leadership, over the ten days that we have been in the office, everyone is working hard and things are going well".

"And if there is any doubt in anyone's mind, come and join us in the streets. I go out every day, campaigns are won on the ground, not with media commentary" he manifested.

The DC Senator also reiterated his negative assessment of the UDI for criticizing the social programs of the government, assuring that if he makes it to La Moneda Presidential Palace again, he will implement measures that benefit everyone, not just the most marginalized sectors.

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