Marine guard involved in incident in Canada resumes naval duties

As of today, Jaime Hott will be serving in the First Naval Zone in Valparaíso.

28 de Mayo de 2009 | 15:55 | Natacha Ramírez, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- One week after arriving in Chile and spending a few days with his family, Esmeralda ship marine guard Jaime Hott appeared before the Navy today. At the beginning of May of this year, Hott was arrested by the Canadian police force and accused of boarding a yacht without permission and physically assaulting a couple in the port of Quebec.

Capitan Richard Bergqvist, of the communications department for the First Zone in Valparaíso, has stated that Hott "is serving in the area administrated by the sector", where "he will continue to complete his duties as normal until proceedings have finished and will (at the same time) be issuing appropriate statements for the investigation", that is currently in progress.

"He is going to stay here until the process has concluded and his place in the naval force will be defined following the investigation" stated Capitan Bergqvist, who also said that the investigation could last some four months.

The official stated that when Jaime Hott appeared before his commander he looked "good, calm, awaiting a final resolution to the process".

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