Ten people arrested in anti-narcotics operative in Curacaví

Three hundred police officers raided nine homes in three neighborhoods.

29 de Mayo de 2009 | 14:32 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- An extensive anti-narcotics police raid on nine homes this morning in Curacaví ended in the arrest of ten people – seven men and three women.

The operation was carried out in an effort to disband two drug-trafficking groups that had been operating in three slums located in the aforementioned municipality. The groups had allegedly been using grocery, vegetable and liquor businesses as facades to mask their income.

The operation, which began at 6:00 AM, included the participation of 300 officials belonging to Special Police Forces (GOPE), the OS7, the 30th Commissary of Radio Patrols, the Sub-commissary of Curacaví, as well as police canine units.

The law enforcement officials arrived in the marginalized neighborhoods of 11 de Septiembre, Carol Urzúa and Juan Williams Rebolledo, where they simultaneously raided nine homes.

According to Capitan Claudio Ramírez, who is the head of the Sub-commissary de Curacaví, the investigation lasted four months. The captain added that officials had seized cocaine, marihuana, "cocaine sulfate" and pharmaceuticals, as well as rolling papers and wrappings with drug residue.

The ten individuals that were arrested will be charged by prosecution attorney Cristián Cáceres of the Western Public Prosecutor's Office.

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