The 2006 World´s Ugliest Dog, Archie, a Chinese Crested is seen during the 18th annual World´s Ugliest Dog competition 23 June 2006 at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. Heather Peoples of Phoenix, Arizona and her dog Archie took home a $1,000 dollar prize for winning this years contest. Ver más.
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German supporters walk in Cologne today near a street painting representing Leonardo Da Vinci´s "Mona Lisa" with a German flag on her cheeks, holding a football and called "World Champion Lisa". An estimated three million people were in the streets of Germany today to watch the host nation beat Sweeden nad advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, according to the police. Ver más.
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Kim Krauss jumps off the ground as she holds up a sign in support of the Marines being held in the brig at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base during a protest outside the base´s main gate in Oceanside, Calif. Friends and family are rallying around the seven Marines and a Navy Medic charged with killing an Iraqi civilian, setting up Web sites to raise money and draw attention to what they claim is an unfair prosecution. Ver más.
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A rescue robot "Acros", manufactured by Tsukuba University, is carried by firefighters during a demonstration hosted today by the International Rescue System Institute in Tokyo.  Ver más.
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A member of the theatrical company "Ilotopie" participates yesterday in the performance "Gens de coleur" in downtown Mantova, northern Italy. Ver más.
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