An Ugandan child, known as a "night commuter" because scores of children flood the roads at dusk seeking shelter in a bid to avoid abduction by the Lord´s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels, gets ready to sleep at a center in Lacor Hospital, outside the northern town of Gulu.  Ver más.
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Japanese electronics giant Matsushita Elecric Industrial unveils the prototype model of a "power jacket" to help patients recover from a partial paralysis during rehabilitation. The robot jacket, weighing only 4 lbs, has eight artificial muscles powered by compressed air and controlled by for sensors at the elbow and wrist. The sensors are attached to healthy arms and control the artificial muscles simultaneously on the paralysed side. Ver más.
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A volunteer piles waste bags on Mont Lachat during a clean up operation in the Mont Blanc region in the French Alps. Europe´s tallest mountain is dirty and overcrowded, according to a French mayor who has ignited controversy with a proposal to limit the number of climbers on Mont Blanc. Ver más.
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