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The "Night of Broken Glass" was when Nazi chief Josef Goebbels delivered the incendiary speech that unleashed the November 9-10 pogrom in 1938. Hundreds of synagogues were destroyed across Germany and in parts of Austria, Jewish homes and stores were ransacked and Jews were attacked and beaten to death. In the image a red rose lies at Gleis 17 (platform 17) holocaust memorial at a cargo railway station in Berlin-Grunewald to mark the Night of Broken Glass. Ver más.
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Jackie Bibby aka "The Texas Snakeman" holds in his mouth ten 2ft. 6 inch long western diamondback rattlesnakes for 12.5 seconds without any assistance at the CW11 morning show in New York. He set a new Guiness World Record for Most Rattlesnakes held in Mouth. The event was part of the Guiness World Records Day, where people from all over the globe are joining together to attempt amazing records. Ver más.
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This photograph provided by the Smithsonian Institution shows The Lena River flowing through Russian Siberia to the Arctic Ocean, as the river enters the Laptev Sea, and is part of an exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington entitled: Earth from Space. A dark blue layer was added to the image to show where land masses are located. European cities are especially bright, and in Egypt, lights glitter along the Nile. Ver más.
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