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519232/Harry-Potter-fan " />
A performer of the troupe Muscle Musical dances during a performance of "Matsuri", today in Tokyo. "Matsuri" features dance and acrobatic performances inspired by summer festivals and performed by athletes from sports such as gymnastics, karate and synchronized swimming. Ver más.
Foto 20 de 56    |   20/07/2007   |   Crédito : Reuters / Edición: C. Edwards
519235/"Matsuri" " />
Photo shows US actor Tom Cruise playing the role of German member of the resistance Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg. The shooting of the contested film "Valkyrie" started July 19, 2007 in the eastern German Brandenburg region around Berlin. Tom Cruise plays Von Stauffenberg, the mastermind behind a daring bid to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Ver más.
Foto 21 de 56    |   20/07/2007   |   Crédito : AFP / Edición: C. Edwards
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519239/Beau-Bridges " />
A giant metal statue of a Wisent towers over a field near the village of Dudichi, some 115km (71.5 miles) southwest of Minsk. Wisents are the largest wild animals in Belarus and the country´s national symbol. Ver más.
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519243/World´s-smallest-humanoid-robot " />
A Bruno bear (Ursus arctos) named "Sandro" refreshes oin a BioParco zoo pool today in Rome. Temperatures registered 38 degrees Celsius (100 Farenheit) with hot winds and high humidity gripping most of the country. Ver más.
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519248/"Sandro"-cools-off " />
New born gorilla baby Haiba is seen in the arms of her mother Mamitu at the gorilla enclosure of the Zoo in Zurich, Switzerland. Haiba, was born last Sunday July 15th., and is the eighth baby of 30 year old Mamitu. Ver más.
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519255/Baby-"Haiba" " />
A giant coiled millipede rests on a log in the Budapest Zoo and Botanic Garden, today during a presentation for children during "Bug Day". Ver más.
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519262/"Bug-Day" " />
For a while now the "Lori" salon offers "Doggissimo" ice cream for dogs available in rice, vanilla-rice and soy flavors for prices between 4,90 euro (US$6.77), for a small portion, and 6,90 euro (US$9.53) for the big portion. With temperatures in the Austrian capital topping 35 degrees Celsius (95 F) for almost a week, the treat has the potential to become a hit during the dog days of summer. In the photo crossbreed "Bonzo" is seen licking a serving of dog ice cream today in Vienna. Ver más.
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519266/"Doggissimo"-ice-cream-for-dogs " />
This Hubble image provided by NASA/ESA/UC Berkeley, shows a lopsided disk looking like a "blue needle" extending from its star, known as HD 15115. About 100 other stars are known to have discs, but the blue needle is more asymmetrical than any of its neighbors. It´s unclear why the disc is so needlelike, but astronomers speculate that a smaller star is pulling matter in its direction. The gray ball in the center, as well as the black mass at left were artificially produced by the telescope. Ver más.
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519271/"Blue-Needle" " />