The Mangrromer is a razor made for men who like shaving their own back hair. The first shipment of Mangroomers arrived from China in February 2006. Creator Brett Marut says he has since sold 80,000 of the razors, primarily through retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and  Ver más.
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"Will that be cash or credit?" is being uttered in more and more churches these days as church leaders look to make giving more convenient for their flock. Some churches are also doing direct debit programs or providing collection envelopes with blanks for credit card information. Pastors say the program help church members track the information for income tax purposes, and its simply symptomatic of the fact that fewer and fewer people are carrying cash these days. Ver más.
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Kate Fogarty, 20, of Chardon, Ohio, flies head-first over cross rails, after her horse stopped short before making the jump during the adult jumper competition at the Cagrin Valley Jumper Classic, yesterday in Moreland Hills Ohio. "I kept going and he didn´t", she said. Fogarty, who walked away unhurt, said that it was her mistake when she leaned up on his neck before the jump, instead of asking her horse to leave the ground with her legs, she said. Ver más.
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