The dettail of a plaque from the "River of Gold: Precolumbian Treasures from Sirio Conte" exhibit is shown at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia, Pa. Ver más.
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" />
Richard Reinhardt, a member of the group "The Ramones" who spent four years in one of the greatest punk bands of all time, has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that he is owed nearly $1 million in royalties on songs sold over the Internet. Ver más.
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Cheeses are seen in lots during the annual "Chaesteilet" in the Justi valley in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. Every September during the "Chaesteilet" landowners and their families gather on the Spycher mountain where the cheese stores are located. The cheese made during the summer on the Alps are taken from storage and piled in lots. Following an address by the head cheese maker, each member is allocated his share of the different aged cheese by lottery. Ver más.
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521366/"Chaesteilet" " /> Ver más.
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A still photograph from the series "The War", the new documentary film from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, shows American soldiers in Geich, Germany, pausing for a cigarette behind a tank on Dec. 11, 1944. Burns, one of America´s greatest visual historians, unveils his most ambitious television project yet on Sunday, a seven-part, 15-hour documentary that tells the story of WW II "from the bottom up". Ver más.
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521383/"The-War" " />
This photo released by the Alaska SeaLife Center shows "Solo", a Stellers eider duckling hatched at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska. SeaLife Center scientists believe this is the first time a Steller´s eider has been successfully bred in captivity in North America Ver más.
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521388/"Solo" " /> Ver más.
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521391/Alice-Ghostley,-dead-at-81 " /> Ver más.
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Munich´s mayor Christian Ude opens the first beer barrel with the traditional cry "O´zapft is!" (It´s tapped!) to start the Oktoberfest Beer Festival today in Munich, southern Germany. Organisers of the world´s largest folk festival which runs until October 7th expect up to six million visitors to enjoy Bavarian beer in huge tents and fun rides on the fairgrounds. Ver más.
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Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau´s canoe is seen in the image. The canoe will form part of the "Canada collects: Treasures from Across the Nation", an exhibition starting October 6th in Toronto. Ver más.
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521401/"Canada-collects:-Treasures-from-Across-the-Nation" " />