"Mole", a sauce of pre-hispanic origin made out of 26 basic ingredients cooked according to traditional recipes, like four diffrenet types of chili, almonds, nuts, and chocolate transmitted through generations, is a valued jewel in the town of San Pedro Atocpan, near Mexico City´s inner limits. Every year the inhabitants of San Pedro Atocpan, 92% of whom work making and selling mole, gather for a gastronomic fair this time of year. Ver más.
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Little Jonathan sits in a shoe that seems at least one number too big for him at the garden of the Johannstaedter Kulturtreff cultural association in Dresden, eastern Germany. The so-called Cinderella shoe, a 1,40m long and 80cm tall ceramic sculpture was built during a summer workshop for children, adults and senoir citizens from Germany and the Czech Republic. The symposium was themed "Garden of Generations". Ver más.
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In the image Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow speaks during a presentation of a 13-part American TV series that is called "Spain... on the road again". Starting today, the makers of the series will spend much of the next four months cruising around Spain in a fleet of Mercedes, sampling the best fare of a country that usually ranks as the world´s second most powerful tourist magnet, after France. Ver más.
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Two pages with the integral version of the Coran (India, 13th century) is presented in the exhibition "The Song of the World" at the Musee du Louvre in Paris. The exhibition, which takes place from October 5th until January 7, 2008, outlines the evolution of art in Iran under the Safavid Dynasty (1501-1736) presenting a selection of masterpieces from the Aga Khan collection of Islamic art, as a preview to the opening of the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. Ver más.
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As Germany celebrates 17 years of reunification today, some animosities between the formerly communist East and capitalist West remain, and few are as doggedly contested as the fight over whose German sheperds are superior. Ver más.
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French-born artist Louise Bourgeois´ sculpture of a giant sculpture,"Madam", stands ouside the Tate Modern in London. The sculpture, one of a series of six, is more than 9m high and made of bronze, stainless steele and marble. An exhibition of Bourgeois´ work opens at the Tate Modern on October 10th. St. Paul´s Cathedral is seen in the background. Ver más.
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This image provided by NASA shows thousands of sparkling young stars nestled within the giant nebula NGC 3603. This stellar "jewell box" is one of the most massive young star clusters in the Milky Way galaxy. Ver más.
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The Fields (Wheat Fields) by Vincent van Gogh is displayed at a Sotheby´s preview today in Hong Kong. As one of the last landscapes by the artist, it is estimated to sell for "28-35 million. Ver más.
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