A road sweeper works in front of a giant poster in Berlin. The portrait is part of a temporary exhibition called "Face 2 Face" by French photographer and street artist JR. The project shows portraits of Israeli and Palestinians doing the same job and placed face to face, in huge formats. Ver más.
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A group of Iranian youths sit under an archway of the Si-o-Seh Pol bridge over the Zayandeh river late last night in Isfahan, Iran. Known as the "Bridge of 33 Arches", it was built in the Safavid era between 1599 and 1602 by Allahverdi Khan, a favorite general of Shah Abbas I, and is a popular place for Isfahan residents to take an evening stroll and drink some tea. Ver más.
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One of "Taiping 4" gorillas looks out from a cage during a brief stepover in Nairobi, Kenya. The return of the gorillas marks the end of a five year saga during which they became ensnared in politics of several nations international law. The gorillas have become a high profile example of the rampant illegal trade in endangered species. Ver más.
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