Borghi: "My objective is not to please everyone"

This was how the coach of Colo Colo responded to questions regarding the state of his relationship with the board of directors of the company Blanco and Negro S.A. just before the renewal of his contract.

29 de Noviembre de 2007 | 13:43 | EFE

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SANTIAGO.- Just the same as at the end every year, tensions about the contract renewal of the Colo Colo coach, Claudio Borghi, have begun to surface. This is right at a time when business tycoon, Sebastián Piñera, suggested he would "soon clarify" the continuity of the coach and promised to make investments to form a team that will remain in the hearts of the fans.

When asked about his stormy relationship with the board of directors, Borghi responded: "If you ask the fans, I think the majority is happy with me. My objective is not to please everyone. However, I accept that in a democracy, the majority rules".

Regarding his contract renewal which, according to some of the press is being delayed by the possibility that the coach will go to Argentina to direct River Plate, Claudio Borghi stated that "the meeting with the directors usually takes place when we finish (participating in the tournament), it is difficult to make assessments before the end of the competition".

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