The President responds to criticism from Ovalle: "A belligerent attitude is not acceptable"

The President responded strongly to the harsh words spoken by the CPC president and called him to "compose himself".

05 de Diciembre de 2007 | 14:07 | Daniela Aránguiz, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- President Michelle Bachelet responded with tough words to the open criticism she received from president of the Production and Trade Confederation (CPC), Alfredo Ovalle, during the close of the 2007 ENADE meeting.

"I spoke about the need to reach a national understanding yesterday in front of the business executives and I regret that what was said (…) shows a clear step backwards for that objective", stated the President.

"A belligerent attitude of opportunism or expressions of arrogance are not acceptable, and I would like to make a call to regain composure", she added.

According to what she said, "a confrontational style complicates national harmony, and that is not what this country wants, nor is it what the people need".

The President's words come after a corporate leader slashed the Executive Branch last night, stating that it handled conflicts with "little strength", remembering issues such as the EFE and Chiledeportes corruption scandals, as well as the poor operation of Transantiago. "Today in Chile, we breathe complicated air", Ovalle stated yesterday.

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