Three law-enforcement officers were injured during an attempted prison riot in Temuco

The incidents took place when inmates tried to resist a routine search that was being performed by guards.

05 de Diciembre de 2007 | 14:13 | Iván Fredes, El Mercurio Online

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TEMUCO.- At least six people, including 3 law-enforcement officers and 3 inmates, were injured this morning during an attempted prison riot which was started at the jail in Temuco by a dozen convicts who tried to resist a routine, end of the year search.

The incidents began at 8:30 AM in block 3, where some 200 of the institution's 800 convicts are housed, when guards began to search cells for weapons, homemade alcohol, cellular phones and drugs, which are often seized during these internal procedures.

While the inmates were directed to the penitentiary's gymnasium, a dozen began to resist and assault the officers. Anti-riot forces were called to intervene in order to control the situation.

At least three people, including two officers, were taken to the regional hospital to receive emergency medical attention.

The head of the institution, Warden Luis Camino, said that the situation had been controlled and attributed the attacks to an act of insubordination from a small group of inmates.

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