Taking his new position as Government spokesperson, Vidal declares himself "150% in support of Bachelet"

The new Government Secretary General, however, did not go as far as to openly state whether or not he supports the return of ex President, Ricardo Lagos, in 2010.

06 de Diciembre de 2007 | 14:12 | Daniela Aránguiz, El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO.- During his first statements as the new Government spokesperson, Francisco Vidal rejected the idea that his arrival reinstates "Lagosism" into the Government branch.

"I want it to be very clear, I am the spokesperson for President Bachelet and of this Government. Starting today, I am 150% in support of Bachelet", he said.

He did not, however, go as far as to openly state whether or not he wants ex President Ricardo Lagos to return in 2010. "Starting today, I am no longer a citizen, I am Secretary General to the government of Michelle Bachelet", he declared.

The new state secretary also rejected criticism from the Alliance, which accused him of being a "campaigning" minister that interferes with votes, pointing out that he is arriving to the position in the best of conditions and that in 2009 "citizens will decide who governs, and our duty is to complete the Government's program".

With a tone of reconciliation, Vidal stated that he would work on dialogue, because "the country needs to regain a language that is the least confrontational, because during the past few months and weeks, we have been fighting a lot".

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