The Concertación appreciates letter from Lagos, but supports gloomy report on Transantiago

Despite agreeing with the ex-President's message which denounced an "unacceptable passivity", leaders of the pro-government group plan to speak to their deputies to encourage the approval of the document released by the investigative commission.

17 de Diciembre de 2007 | 14:30 | Daniela Aránguiz, El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO.- Leaders of the Concertación expressed their absolute agreement with the letter sent by ex-President Ricardo Lagos to the Anniversary Commemoration of the PPD (Party for Democracy) in which he had indicated an "unacceptable passivity" to defend the project from former Concertación governments.

"We agree with the letter written by President Lagos, and believe that it also represents our point of view that Chile would not have the levels of growth and social cohesion that is has today if it weren't for the Concertación", stated the group's spokesperson, Camilo Escalona.

Nevertheless, he stressed the fact that this does not mean they will disregard the "gravity of the error of Transantiago".

Escalona, as well as the head of the Christian Democratic Party, Soledad Alvear also maintained that the decision of some Members of Parliament to reject the commission's report does not coincide with the agendas of their respective parties, and that if they had to vote, they would approve the document.

The president of the Party for Democracy (PPD), Sergio Bitar, has said that a meeting will be held with his party's board of deputies in order to "guide them towards a favorable vote" concerning the report.

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