Three credit card-cloners apprehended in Puente Alto on charges of fraud worth 15 million pesos

The men had been buying cooking oil to resell at open markets.

18 de Diciembre de 2007 | 14:15 | Francisco Águila, El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO.- Police in Puente Alto have arrested three men charged with committing 15 million pesos worth of fraud at a local supermarket.

Miguel Ángel Morales Narváez (26), Sergio Ortiz Faúndez (33) and Mauricio Mella Manríquez (23) have all been arrested on charges of fraud after purchasing boxes of cooking oil on five separate occasions with cloned credit cards. The products were later sold at open markets.

The scam was detected after one of the suspects made a purchase of more than 3.5 million pesos and was detained by security guards until police arrived.

Later, the police officers arrived at the home of Morales Narváez, where they seized two credit card-cloning machines, another for inventing names and numbers for the cards, as well as 11 cloned credit cards and seven blank cards.  Police also confiscated a Dell computer, a central processing unit and three printers.

For now, the offenders are being supervised by the Puente Alto Public Attorney's Office.

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