Increase in lava flow at Llaima volcano

The intendant of La Auracanía, Nora Barrientos, has said that the most significant risk is posed by possible snowmelt that could increase the level of the Calbuco River.

TEMUCO.- The intendant of the La Araucanía Region, Nora Barrientos, has announced that the amount of incandescent material being emitted from the Llaima volcano has been increasing since the early hours of this morning.

Barrientos said that the most significant risk posed by the situation is the possibility that snow on the mountain could melt and increase the level of the Calbuco River, placing nearby towns at risk.

“The good news is that the river is still not very high and only preventative evacuation measures are being taken”, she added.

“This is the most serious risk, which is why we are informing residents and have declared a yellow alert so that tourists are not allowed to enter the area”, Barrientos stressed.

Nevertheless, the intendant pointed out that all people have been evacuated from the town of Los Lleuques, located closest to the Calbuco River.




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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
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