Conasida defines immediate measures to overcome HIV crisis

The new national coordinator of the organization, Aníbal Hurtado, took his position today.

17 de Noviembre de 2008 | 15:04 | René Olivares, El Mercurio

SANTIAGO.- Minister of Health Álvaro Erazo presented Dr. Aníbal Hurtado as the new National Coordinator of Conasida today. Hurtado will be in charge of the taking immediate action with regards to the various cases of uninformed HIV patients throughout the country.

Although the number of Conasida workers significantly diminished after a scandal concerning funds from the Council of the Americas, Hurtado seemed confident in his ability to succeed and announced the three pillars of his administration.

Among the pillars, Hurtado mentioned the reinforcement of the Comasida plant, the establishment of a committee of 12 experts aimed at improving the notification system for HIV patients, as well as efforts to design a national notification system that will include both public hospitals and private health centers.

Last week, the recently appointed Minister of Health announced major changes that would be made to Conasida to "bring it up to par with new demands" and indicated that the ministry will work mainly to improve "the registration, monitoring and, especially the early warning systems of administration. That is where the most work is needed”.

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