Concertación agrees to hold primaries during the last two weeks of April

Party leaders have signed a document establishing the creation of a work group to determine the foundations of candidacy that will be unique to the party, as well as a committee that will organize internal elections.

17 de Noviembre de 2008 | 15:08 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- After José Miguel Insulza proposed his conditions to the PS in order to become the party's presidential candidate and former President Ricardo Lagos announced to the leader of the PPD that he would be willing to participate in a primary election, the leaders of the Concertación parties have agreed to hold their internal elections during the last two weeks of April.

During a meeting that was held this morning, Camilo Escalona (PS), Jorge Burgos (DC) and José Antonio Gómez (PRSD) sealed a pact establishing the creation of "a work group of the highest level to propose, through a widely participatory process, the pragmatic bases of the candidacy that will be unique to the Concertación". Pepe Auth (PPD) did not participate due to the fact that he is currently in France; however Senator Guido Girardi signed the document in his representation.

The group also agreed to establish a preparatory commission to organize the primary election, "with the special request that it allow for more citizen participation".

Lastly, the party leaders decided to create a commission for next year's parliamentary elections.

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