Fishermen in El Quisco capture shark four meters in length

The specimen, which was found in nets used to capture white sea bass, weighed 320 kilograms.

03 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:28 | El Líder de San Antonio

EL QUISCO.- Great amazement was sparked amongst fishermen and tourists in the coastal town of El Quisco, after a shark measuring four meters long and weighing 320 kilograms was found in the waters nearby.

The fishermen brought the extremely large specimen some fifteen miles from the coasts of Cartagena. According to the fishing community in the area, the fish is the largest that has ever been reported in the province of San Antonio.

José Moraga, a crew member of the ship that caught the shark, the giant fish appeared within the nets used to capture white sea bass.

After seeing the animal, the director of the San Antonia Museum, José Luis Brito, explained that the particular breed of the shark is ferocious with its prey and is one of the fastest that exist.

Brito added that the species mainly lives in the deep sea, although it can sometimes be found near the coast.

These types of sharks "mainly inhabit the subtropical warm waters of the world. They feed on fish and occasionally other marine animals such as birds and other species", explained Brito.

The shark was finally sold for 1,200 pesos per kilogram, which was paid by a vendor that said he would sell it to those fond of this type of meat.

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