Fire completely destroys Ancud traditional marketplace

The establishment was built out of wood, causing the fire to spread more easily.

04 de Febrero de 2009 | 12:40 | Soledad Neira, El Mercurio

ANCUD.- The traditional marketplace for food and handicrafts in Ancud, located at the northern entrance to the Big Island of Chiloé, has been completely destroyed as the result of a fire.

The establishment, which occupied one square block of land just down the street from the city's Plaza de Armas, was made completely of wood and had been restored just a couple of years ago.

Due to the wood structure of the establishment, the fire was able to spread quickly. The origin of the blaze, however, is still unknown.

The fire was reported at approximately 5:00 a.m., when all of the city's fire departments where dispatched to the scene along with back-up from other areas of the Big Island.

Witnesses have described dramatic scenes as owners of the shops arrived and watched helplessly as the flames consumed the fruits of their labor.

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