Former husband of María Verónica Pinochet is worried about their child

Miguel Morales Salazar claims that the woman's "personality has changed".

06 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:28 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Following the arrest of María Verónica Pinochet, granddaughter of the late Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, on charges of battery against her ex-husband Miguel Morales Salazar (43), the man has stated that what most concerns him at this moment is the well-being of their daughter.

"I cannot leave her alone, she is seven years old and has a mother who is starting fights at every turn", he commented on Radio ADN.

He went on to state that "she started getting very aggressive and not only with me, but also with my other two girls, so I distanced myself from her but have never left my daughter alone with her. She expects me to come back to the house so she can say to me 'forgive me Miguel, it will never happen again'".

According to Salazar, she never accepted the breaking off of the relationship in 2006, which is why she has been so abusive to him. He also indicated that she has been careless with their daughter on numerous occasions.

Morales asserted that her attacks on him, as well as other incidents that document María Verónica Pinochet's problems with violence are elements that will be considered in his decision to fight for the custody of their daughter.

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