Fernando González moves up to ATP 15 following triumph in Viña

Spaniard Rafael Nadal holds on firmly to his spot at number one.

09 de Febrero de 2009 | 15:01 | EFE

SANTIAGO.– Last night's victory in Viña del Mar has brought tennis player Fernando González back up to number 15 on the ATP ranking. This represents local "Gonzo's" fourth win in the tournament. Spanish player Rafael Nadal continues to reign at the top of the list.

This week's list of top tennis players shows no variation in the first ten spots. Two other Spaniards follow Nadal at the top, Fernando Verdasco is at number 9, and two Argentines also grace the group: Juan Martín del Potro at number seven, and David Nalbandian at number ten.

In total, twelve Latin American players are included in the ATP top 100.

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