Gildemeister says he does not expect Capdeville to make Nº 2 spot in Chile

"If he were within the top 70 or 80, he would have a better chance", stated the captain of the Chilean Davis Cup team.

19 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:41 | Pablo Ramírez Olivares, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Just two weeks prior to the World Group of the Davis Cup between Chile and Croatia in Porec, the captain of the national team, Hans Gildemeister, has indicated that, despite the rough patch tennis player Nicolás Massu is currently going through, he is confident that he will maintain his place as Chile's number two player.

"This has a lot to do with experience and Nicolás has had good performances at the Davis Cup; he has yielded results every time I put him in, these are very tough matches and I am completely confident in him", the former tennis player told Emol.

According to the ATP ranking, Massú should be the third national singles player since, beginning next week, he will drop 15 positions to Nº 97 – two slots below Capedeville (Nº 95).

And so, based on stats and the low level of performance the former Olympic champion has shown in recent tournaments, Massú is expected to give up his position to Capedeville.

Nevertheless, the captain of the national team was emphatic in pointing out what Vitacura-native Capedeville still needs to do to occupy the position.

"I think that Paul is very close, he just hasn’t been able to make it within the 80 or 70 top rankings in the world. If he were there, I think he would have a much better chance", stated Gildemeister.

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