Journalist Patricia Verdugo dies after long struggle with illness

The 1997 winner of the National Journalism Award passed away last night after surrendering to cancer.

14 de Enero de 2008 | 14:36 | El Mercurio Online

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SANTIAGO.- Renowned journalist Patricia Verdugo passed away last night after a long struggle with cancer.

Verdugo received the National Journalism Award in 1997 and was the winner of Maria Moors Cabot Award in the United States (the most prestigious award given to foreign journalists) in 1993.

Her book "Los zarpazos del Puma", published in 1985, was one of the most successful texts in Chilean bookstores.

Patricia Verdugo authored numerous books including the popular titles, "Una herida abierta" (1979), "André de La Victoria" (1984), "Quemados vivos" (1986), "Operación siglo XX" (1990), "Tiempos de días claros" (1990)  and "Conversaciones con Nemesio Antúnez" (1995).

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