Rock summit getting bigger by the minute: 82 bands to perform

In less than 45 days, the event surged from 40 to 70 bands and solo artists.

06 de Enero de 2009 | 13:09 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The idea that "rock has died" was expressed by Lenny Kravitz in 1995 to rock the boat a bit, but does not apply in the least to January 2009 in the city of Santiago de Chile.

The largest national rock music concert in the country has been scheduled for this coming Sunday, January 11th. The "Cumbre del Rock Chileno" has already signed up 82 bands and expects to attract close to 50 thousand fans during the historic 12 straight hours of rock music.

Five generations of Chilean bands and solo artists will take the stage during the event, with more than 800 musicians and 300 songs.

Chile would not be the same without the performances of Los Prisioneros, while Jorge González will arrive from México to present some of his greatest hits. Los Jaivas and their experience in folk-rock, as well as Joe Vasconcellos and his popular Latino ballads are included as some of the highlights of the concert along with groups Chancho en Piedra, Lucybell and Los Tres.

The event will feature a diverse list of artists that represent the evolution of the Chilean rock music scene, which is one of the most isolated genres in the world.

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