CERC poll: Frei climbs significantly amongst politicians with most potential

The DC candidate rose 15 points since the poll that was taken in September of 2008.

06 de Enero de 2009 | 13:11 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- When compared to the survey taken in September of 2008, the latest CERC poll has indicated a drastic change with regards to the five politicians with most potential.

While RN candidate Sebastián Piñera continues in first place with 52% of the votes (after rising 5 points), DC candidate Eduardo Frei now appears in second place - reaching 27% in the poll after climbing 15 points.

The Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, was mentioned in third place (climbing 9 points), followed by former President Ricardo Lagos with 17% and DC Senator Soledad Alvear, who claimed 12% of the poll after dropping 12 points.

The poll, which was taken beginning on the 5th of December –one day after Lagos officially dropped out of the presidential race- also indicates that former Alianza candidate Joaquín Lavín has fallen out of the list after appearing in 47 of the 56 polls taken by CERC.

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