Three new PDI officials implicated in narcotraffic ring

Two police inspectors and one assistant inspector were arrested for their complicity in marijuana trafficking.

12 de Febrero de 2009 | 12:53 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Three officers from the Anti-narcotics Brigade of the town of Los Andes were detained today for their implication in the trafficking of marijuana under the former sub-commissioner of the institution, Gonzalo Araya.

The three inspectors were detained under orders of the Supervisory Court of San Bernardo.

Five women were also arrested along with Argentine citizen Ana Gutiérrez de Soza, all allegedly connected to the marijuana trafficking ring discovered with the seizure of 560 kilos of the drug this last weekend. The ring had been operating under the leadership of brothers Ricardo and Ladislao Ruchaj from Mendoza, Argentina.

According to preliminary investigations by the Fifth Department of Internal Affairs of the Police Investigative Unit (PDI), Araya participated in the international operative denominated "Operation Five" and during the weighing of the seized drugs, he stole seven "bricks" of the pressed Paraguayan hallucinogen and sent it to Gutiérrez in Santiago to sell it.

The “business” carried out between Araya and Gutiérrez was detected by the legal telephone call monitoring carried out by the Metropolitan Anti-narcotics Brigade. 

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