Walker criticizes Fidel Castro's double standard after meeting with Bachelet

The DC deputy still hopes that the President will publicly refer to the Human Rights violations in Cuba.

13 de Febrero de 2009 | 14:28 | Daniela Aránguiz, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- In "bad taste" were the words used by DC deputy Patricio Walker to describe the recent article written by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in which he characterizes the Pacific War as a "historical humiliation" for Bolivia, endorsing the maritime aspirations of the nation.

"Naturally, it is in very bad taste that shortly after meeting with the President of the Republic, he expresses opinions that blatantly attack our country", critiqued the parliamentarian.

For Walker, the attitude of the eighty-something Cuban leader constitutes a double standard, because "on one hand he asks that nobody intervene in Cuba's internal affairs (…), yet he has no problem sharing his opinion about other countries".

The representative also praised the President for having expressed, during her visit, Chile's opposition to the US economic embargo against the island, indicating that he is 100% in agreement with that stance.

Regardless, he went on to say that he would like for Bachelet to publicly call for the liberation of political prisoners "who are detained in inhumane conditions only because they think differently".

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