Former Minister Ravinet on espionage: “No important matters were addressed through email”

The former Argentine secret agent Iván Velásquez –currently in custody in Montevideo- is accused of having hacked into E-mails belonging to Chilean government officials and is facing a series of espionage charges.

23 de Febrero de 2009 | 13:53 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.-  The former Minister of Defense, Jaime Ravinet, was surprised to find out that during his time in office he may have been spied on by this former Argentine agent that allegedly hacked into emails belonging to Chilean government officials and diplomats that were mediating between Argentina and Uruguay during a conflict involving the installation of a paper mill.

“I have no information on the matter. This is the first news I have heard of this”, stated Ravinet, while also assuring that the Executive Branch has neither asked for his cooperation nor informed him about the case.

Nevertheless, the former official indicated that, due to security reasons, he only used email for “very formal and inconsequential” matters during his time in office.

“It was never used for anything serious or anything important, precisely due to the risks involved.  I might have used it to express ´I would like to call a meeting at three o’clock this afternoon´, but no important matter was ever discussed through email”, Ravinet told Emol.

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