Rodrigo Mannara has another day of "fury" on Cobreloa

The forward spoke of "witchcraft" with regards to his continuous injuries and blamed team directors for his predicament.

25 de Febrero de 2009 | 15:00 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Every once in a while, Cobreloa forward Rodrigo Mannara comes forward to speak directly about matters he is concerned about.

The residents of Calama are used to the player's razor-sharp tongue and now, he has become upset again due to constant injuries that have provoked him to the point of even claiming there is "witchcraft" against him.

"I am really angry because I was getting ready for Sunday and I feel like I pulled a muscle again; I think I am going to decide not to play anymore until June", stated Mannara.

The player then continued, saying: "Everyone else can play, because something isn't right, someone has cast a spell on me or something; makes you think the worst".

Mannara then blamed team directors for his trouble. "Playing so well, offers fell through and that is all because the directors said that no one had made any offers and the truth is that there were a bunch of them. So, I am also angry that they say no offers were received for me and there actually were; the directors lie", he added.

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