Arturo Vidal in danger of not being able to play for several weeks due to facial injury

The information was posted on the website for the player's club, Bayer Leverkusen.

09 de Marzo de 2009 | 12:47 | DPA

LEVERKSUEN.- The Bayer Leverkusen club website announced today that Chilean footballer Arturo Vidal is in danger of not being able to play for several weeks due to an injury he suffered to his right eye during a match with the team, on Sunday (1-1) against Bochum.

Vidal, who will almost surely not be eligible to participate on the Chilean national team at their bout in Peru and home game against Uruguay as part of the World Cup eliminatory matches during the end of March, suffered "a cerebral concussion and injury to his right cheekbone" according to a medical report released by Leverkusen.

Nevertheless, despite fears following his first diagnosis, the player's cheekbone was not fractured and that means that Vidal "will not have to undergo surgery".

The offensive winger continues to remain hospitalized at a medical center in the city of Cologne, "although he could be discharged within the next few hours if there are no complications".

Regardless of his improvement, "the date Vidal will be able to play again is completely up in the air", says the press release. The "Kicker" sports periodical assures that he will be out for at least four weeks, while the "Bild" newspaper mentions "even two months".

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