Tohá surprised by press reception on first day as spokesperson

The new minister asserted that she is ready to work.

13 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:47 | Karina Morales, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- With a nervous smile caused by the number of journalists and photographers waiting for her, the new Minister of Government Affairs, Carolina Tohá, arrived at La Moneda this morning.

The recently appointed spokesperson for the Executive Branch wore an elegant two-piece beige suit while getting out of a red car at 8:55 am to enter the government palace through the Calle Moneda entrance, where Ministry press advisors were waiting for her.

After speaking to them briefly, Tohá quickly walked through the "Los Cañones" patio and looked surprised by the reception, saying "will it be like this everyday?".

The former deputy stopped for only 15 seconds to express that she is "ready to go to work" before making her way to the second floor of La Moneda, where her office is located.

According to the minister, her first activity of the day as the new government spokesperson will be to thoroughly analyze the national press.

Before arriving at La Moneda, the new minister stated during an interview with Radio Cooperativa that she intends to become "a tool to allow the government to better reach citizens".

With regards to the relationship she is expected to have with the RN and UDI parties, Tohá seemed optimistic and said, "hopefully we will have a good relationship with the Alianza, recognizing that we will debate, but with a constructive spirit".

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