Felipe Cruzat to undergo another operation this Friday

Doctors will hook him up to an artificial heart pump.

18 de Marzo de 2009 | 14:29 | Pía Fouilloux, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The medical team at the Hospital Clínico of the Universidad Católica has announced that Felipe Cruzat –the young boy that has spent 65 days waiting for a heart transplant- may undergo surgery this Friday to connect him to an "artificial pump" that will function outside of his body and help his heart continue to beat and transport blood to the rest of his body.

"His heart remains and what is added is a system of ventricles that are located outside of his body and help to improve his blood circulation", stated Doctor Pedro Becker.

This "heart" is hooked up to Felipe's body through tubes in his skin, which are connected to an external machine that pumps blood.

Becker explained that the surgery would allow Felipe to remain stable for a longer period of time until a donor is found,  indicating that ideally "within one or two weeks (Felipe) should once again be in good condition to receive a transplant".

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