Isabelle Allende to view "The House of Spirits" at a New York theater

The play premiered on February 18th of this year and has been performed in front of packed audiences ever since.

02 de Abril de 2009 | 15:32 | EFE

NEW YORK.- Chilean writer Isabel Allende plans to attend the showing of the theatre presentation "The House of Spirits" in New York City next week. The play is an adaptation of Allende's first novel.

On April 11th, Isabel Allende, who currently resides in California, plans to visit the Repertorio Español Theater in Manhattan, where the play has been enthralling audiences since February 18th of this year. After the show, Allende will take part in a "question and answer" session with the audience and press.

The theater announced today that, during the press conference, Allende is expected to comment on the kind of impact a work as political as "The House of Spirits" has on society, the process of translating a novel to the stage and her impressions of the play.

The performance, which was adapted by Caridad Svich and directed by José Zayas, tells the story of a Latin American family and the historical events that take place in a nameless country (reminiscent of Chile) during the mid-20th century.

"The House of Spirits", premiered on February 18th of this year and has been performed in front of a full theater ever since, receiving excellent reviews.

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