Ricarte Soto and Mónica Pérez named new "reyes guachacas"

The "Buenos días a todos" morning show star and TVN reporter received the highest number of votes at the traditional celebration.

16 de Abril de 2009 | 13:18 | Leonardo Núñez, El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Ricarte Soto, who is known for giving his opinion on the morning talk show "Buenos días a todos", and reporter Mónica Pérez, who is present in the morning news on TVN, have been named the newest king and queen of the traditional "Cumbre Guachaca" celebration.

Pérez was crowned the "guachaca queen" with almost 59.4% of the votes, which placed her far above Sigrid Alegria (16.7%), Pamela Díaz (10.5%), Patricia Maldonado (6.5%), Ximena Sepúlveda (2.7%), Laura Albornoz (2.2%) and Diana Bolocco (2.1%). The reporter will be crowned tomorrow at the Estación Mapocho events center.

Meanwhile, Soto was seen as quite a surprise in the election, for which the lead-singer of "La Noche", Leo Rey, was seen as the top favorite over the other candidates. The musician however, barely made it to third place with 13.4% of the votes, up against 40.7% for Soto.

Aldo Schiappacasse came in second with 34.2%, followed by Álvaro Henríquez (5.1%), soccer player Humberto Suazo (4.8%) and Fernando Villegas (1.8%).

Soto, the "Gran Compipa 2009", celebrated the award by drinking "chicha" and eating "empanadas" and the celebration at the historical La Piojera bar.

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