Government: Piñera “has no limits” following allusion to Ema Velasco case

The presidential candidate had stated that if the little girl were not the daughter of the Minister of Finance, "she would have died".

20 de Abril de 2009 | 13:41 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- The government has issued a harsh response to opposition presidential candidate Sebastián Piñera´s statement during a radio interview, when he asserted that if Ema Velasco had not been the daughter of the Minister of Finance, “she would have died” as a result of the swimming pool accident she suffered in February of this year.

“Sebastían Piñera really does not understand that you cannot take political advantage of just anything.  He has no limits”, stated government spokesperson Carolina Tohá.

According to Tohá, “Using such a trying family situation for political ends, as he is doing, is something that goes beyond what we believe is acceptable in politics”.

The spokesperson for La Moneda took it upon herself to deny that any type of privilege had been given to the youngest daughter of Andrés Velasco when she was treated after falling into a pool in Zapallar, where her family was enjoying their vacation.

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