Representative calls for greater oversight of firewood market to prevent pollution

Deputy Carlos Abel Jarpa has also suggested that a national campaign be created to promote the responsible consumption of the resource.

24 de Abril de 2009 | 14:47 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Deputy Carlos Abel Jarpa (PRSD) has petitioned the ministries of the Environment and of the Interior to commence an oversight process of the firewood market. His aim is to prevent and decrease the environmental contamination caused by wood burning in numerous cities across Chile.

The parliamentarian indicated that the firewood market needs to be restructured and strictly supervised since it already poses a serious threat to the environment and there are no ordinances controlling the sale of wood.

His request is for a campaign encouraging citizens to be more responsible in their consumption, and at the same time encouraging those who work in the industry to assume a certain level of conscientiousness in their dealings.

The legislator stated that "although the cold days have yet to come this year, the issue of the quality of wood burned in thousands of Chilean homes is a recurring theme".

Regardless, he expressed that "the solution is not to stop using this energy source, but to use it more responsibly".

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