Senator Gómez: "I support Frei with my head, but not with my heart"

The former radical party presidential candidate has said that issues such as therapeutic abortion "were placed on the table by us".

05 de Mayo de 2009 | 13:07 | El Mercurio Online

SANTIAGO.- Despite stating that Eduardo Frei´s presidential campaign has all possible backing from the Social Democratic Radical Party (PRSD), former presidential primary candidate José Antonio Gómez has said that in his heart of hearts he will support the DC senator only when the Concertación´s agenda reflects the changes that he believes the country needs.

“We put issues like therapeutic abortion on the table and I think it is good that Frei has accepted them and made them part of his campaign”, stated the radical deputy.

“Even with all of the roadblocks along the way, we accepted the primaries and we went to war despite everyone and against everyone.  And, although we did not triumph, our word stands true and we are going to put forth all the power of the radical party to back Frei´s candidacy”, Goméz declared.

The radical leader asserted that “when we began my campaign, people said that the radicals were negotiating positions, that we didn’t care about anything except for having more members of Parliament and that we only wanted to have positions in the government – and the only thing we were good for was debating ideas to get things moving in this country”.


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